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:dance: .: S N O G G I N G _ S C A L E :. :dance:

In the continuing series of the Georgia Nicolson books, Georgia and her friends use the "Snogging Scale" which is a series of levels from 1 to 10 to measure sexual activity. It is as follows:

½. Sticky Eyes
1. Holding hands
2. Arm around the shoulder
3. Goodnight kiss
4. Kiss lasting over 3 minutes without a breath
4½. Hand Snogging
5. Open mouth kissing
6. Kissing with tongues
6¼. Nip Libbling (err, Lip Nibbling)
6½. Ear Snogging
6¾. Neck Nuzzling
7. Upper body fondling (Outdoors)
8. Upper body fondling (Indoors, i.e. in bed)
Virtual number 8 When your upper body is not actually being fondled in reality, but you know that it is in your snoggees head
9. Below Waist Activity (or B.W.A. Also includes showing a boy your bum, apparently...)
10. "The Full Monty" (aka sex!)
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